About Us

Trinh Vo-Tran | CEO

I believe the Simple Details lead to customer success and happiness.

I have worked for a major retail company, owned my own business, and even have taken time to be home with my children.  But my passion for making others happy is what drives me.  While I prefer to be in the background, rest assured that I will be working front and center in making your site a success.

Todd McCally | Director of SEO

In the past 20 years, Todd has owned and managed two Internet-based businesses that each grew to many thousands of clients. Todd immersed himself in SEO 12 years ago after much research and implementation.

To date, Todd has achieved 100% success in optimizing over 30,000 websites for thousands of clients nationwide. His proficiency in optimization led to his development of a proprietary search engine optimization software program for stand-alone client-based SEO/SEM businesses.